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Sanitary Flush Valve

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Sanitary Flush Valve

'Lana Flush Valve, Size W-0 is ideal device for 'Standardizing Flushing System' for any Pan/Commode/Urinal in Residential, Commercial or Industrial premises/Industrial flushing in laboratory including Hotels, Colleges, Schools, Ashrams, Malls and Hospitals for it is the only valve in India which can be fitted on any Commode/Indian Pan/Urinal/Orissa Pan and is located conveniently for the end user.

Also works on Bore Well/Salt Water.

After a substantial period of 10 years of introducing the product, we conducted a research with the help of various Builders, Plumbing Contractors, Architects and En Users. We have suitably modified the design of the valve and developed fittings to meet every situation; with standardization of flushing system, one saves on inventory, supervision and skilled personnel.

Flush Valve is available in two models: ¾"Ø and ½"Ø.


  • Sleek, stylish, small, leak free design, and very light in weight
  • Compatible with any Commode/Indian Pan/Urinal
  • Needs very less water for its operation
  • No hassle and no expenditure
  • Work effectively with hard water

Lana Flush Valve is an One Stop Solution. It can work on all kind of WC & Urinals.
The Valve has an inbuilt controller/stop cock to facilitate servicing and control water discharge. Minimum pipe diameter required is 20 mm & 13mm for Urinals.
Working Pressure Required: Min: 16 Ib/in2, Max : 70 Ib/ in2.
Pipe layout required to achieve the working pressure is enclosed with specifications. At 35 Ib/in2, it discharges 12 liters of water/10 second. It is automatic, safe to operate and simple to maintain.

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